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My name is Jane Fearn-Zimmer and I focus my entire practice on helping others in the areas of elder and disability law, special needs planning, asset protection, tax and estate planning and estate administration. For over 17 years I’ve helped countless families and individuals navigate through the ever-changing, and often challenging, elder and disability law process.

I am committed to providing the highest caliber of legal services to United States military veterans, the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill, their caregivers and their families throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania and beyond.  I recognize that caring for an elderly, mentally ill, disabled or loved one is both an honor and a labor of love, but at the same time, can be very emotionally, physically and financially taxing work.

If you are caring for someone in such a position, I want to let you know that you are not alone. As of 2015, there were an estimated 34 million adults providing care for an elderly or disabled adult in the United States. Even though caregivers are many, the act of caregiving, particularly in the home, can feel overwhelming and isolating. The typical caregiver is tasked with assisting others with activities of daily living and medical appointments, may also be caring for children under 18 and may be employed outside the household. Caregivers tend to have very busy lives, very limited free time, strained finances, and may feel pulled in all directions. That is why you deserve and need support and strategies!

Maybe you have just a few minutes a day. If this blog can help you find solutions or feel connected and recharged with new important information and practical, legal or care management strategies, then you’re at the right place! I created this blog to serve as a resource and a support to caregivers to the elderly, disabled and mentally ill, throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, by making available cutting-edge information on Estate Planning, Elder and Disability Law, Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits, and other Asset Protection strategies. This is a place designed to help you learn how the complex rules and regulations in areas including Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran’s Benefits, Supplemental Security Income, Special Needs Trusts and tax and estate planning intersect to impact real people like you and your loved one.

While this blog does not constitute legal advice and is no substitute for a visit to a seasoned Elder and Disability law attorney, I would be thrilled if it helps caregivers find real-world solutions and feel more connected and supported just by knowing that that there are many others out there who have faced similar challenges successfully.  I hope to help make your loved one’s journey through the care continuum easier and less bewildering. Please be sure to comment and contact me if you have specific questions, thoughts or suggestions.

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