Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer, Esquire

Law Offices of Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer, Esquire

30 South Maple Avenue, Suite 204

Marlton, New Jersey 08054

Tel. (856) 938-8578

Facsimile (609) 244-8827

A trusted resource and caring advocate for over twenty years.

Ms. Fearn-Zimmer serves clients throughout Southern New Jersey as a trusted advisor who provides responsive, caring and high-quality legal representation as well as the answers you need.

The simple values that Jane learned from her elders form the foundation for her legal career and continue to influence her practice more than twenty years later.

  • Family is everything, Please let us help yours.
  • Listen to your clients. They are people just like you.
  • Seek practical, strategic and personalized legal solutions.
  • Speak in plain English.
  • Pursue excellence. Always do your best.



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